Must Belated Update

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Citizen of Puerto Rico has taken an involuntary break from writing for social and entertainment purposes. She will resume these activities as soon as academic and creative pieces geared at a degree or publication are finished.


“Like” Us on Facebook

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Haven’t you started to wonder what “like” means today? Honestly! As I drove the other day, I noticed that the outlet mattress store next to my place said “like us on Facebook for a chance to win an ipad”. I have only been in this store once; when I needed to buy a mattress. I mean who visits a mattress store for window shopping? After all, you are well aware you are meant to have an employee on your ass telling you all about their merchandise. Yes, their prices are good, but I kinda don’t like shopping for mattresses, so I am pretty sure I don’t ‘like’ you. The ipad is indeed a catchy prize. Then, as I entered my apartment complex, I saw the following message “like us on Facebook and receive a discount on next month’s rent”. This got me thinking. Do I like my apartment? Yes I do! In fact it is the most wonderful apartment I have ever had. It is fully furnished, it is carpeted, it has a bathtub, and it is fresh most of the times. Now, what would it mean if I said I liked “Bay Pointe Apartments”? Do I like their policies? Their maintenance service? The people who live here? After all, I have been waiting for them to install my new garbage disposal for three weeks and it still hasn’t happened. Conclusion: I don’t think I ‘like’ you. I do like what I have done with my place; I will take all the credit.

Today, as I attempted to watch some TV shows on, it became evident how annoying the service has gotten since they decided to implement their premium package. However, they also have their “like us on Facebook and get a free month of Hulu premium”. How am I kidding? I do like some of the shows they offer, although I am not particularly fond of their movie selection. I enjoyed getting up-to-date with all of Seth MacFarlane’s creations: Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show. Still, I refuse to pay for a service when it entails sitting through commercials. One more reason why I prefer Netflix. So “NO, I don’t like you!”

All this really made me consider the role of social media in marketing; not that I know much of it anyway. Why are these companies so eager to find “fans” on Facebook? Maybe it’s perhaps due to its worldwide reach? Is what these companies doing, a form of bribery? Like me and I’ll give you something? I am not sure what the real reason is but it is undeniably an interesting phenomenon. Has ‘liking’ turned into an endorsement, an agreement, a promotion?

The Perfect Mojito/Thirst Quencher

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I have lately become fond of the refreshing Caribbean cocktail that some pejoratively call the Cuban mouthwash. There is something special in the combination of limon and mint. Now, I refused to pay $8 for every glass of it and decided to hunt for the perfect recipe.  I only made one change to the recipe; I substituted the sugar for a quick home made syrup: 1 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup water, simmered for a few minutes and cooled. In this manner, you make sure your mojito is as sweet as you want it to be. For the rum I have tried both Bacardi superior and Bacardi limon and they both taste great. Here’s the recipe: